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Thank you for letting us be part of your ventures. You were so passionate about what you were doing, and you made us believe in you. We knew you would take care of us, and you did. It took me a long time to get those kind of ROIs. You did it overnight. Beautiful, I’m standing up and applauding you right now.



Great job on this project!! When you had mentioned a few weeks ago an ROI of 40+%, I thought you meant Total ROI, not average ROI per year. I was nicely surprised when I realized it was average ROI per year!



It’s rare to find an individual with a nonfinancial or real estate background to possess the business acumen, resourcefulness and keen eye for undervalued assets. Thanks, Sandeep and Vitae for being a great steward of my capital and consistently delivering above-market returns.


P.O. Box 200157; Austin, Texas 78720

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